Aspira #3510

Thank you so much for booking with Luxe Hubs. We are looking forward to having you stay with us. Here is your self-check-in instructions to ensure your check in is flawless! If you need anything like recommendations on restaurants, we've added our favorites here:


Enjoy your time in Seattle!


Check in instructions

Aspira Apartments

1823 Terry Ave

Seattle, WA 98101

Apt 3510

When you arrive at the building, dial 304 on the callbox and we will buzz you in. Or, look for Owen Group or Owen Property and hit dial. Walk straight on by concierge desk. If asked you can say you are a client of Owen Properties Corporate Housing. The elevators are straight ahead. The floor is 35, apartment 3510. Door will be unlocked, keys inside. Gym is on the 11th floor

Internet is SleeplessinSeattle3510, PW: tomhanks1993

Thanks again!